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Utilising a freelancer to close the hiring gap

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Picture this scenario: the customer finally signed the contract, and now you're facing a big, critical project with challening deadlines. Do you commit to hiring someone permanently, or tap into the expertise of a freelancer?

Hiring full-time seems logical.

They'll be dedicated solely to your company, right? Maybe. But there's the time and resources to

  • find the perfect candidate,

  • notice periods need to be met, and

  • onboarding to be scheduled,

  • not to mention the risks of them jumping ship before they even start,

  • leading you to start all over again.

Finding the right skillset and mindset to fit the team can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

And let's not forget the pressing issue of speed.

You've got a project that needs completing yesterday. A typical HR notice period in Germany is three to six months, plus a two-month hiring process. That's a total of five to eight months until a new hire starts. With the freelancer, you can kick off your project immediately, saving time and money.


  • available within days,

  • adept at adapting to new environments.

  • No lengthy hiring process,

  • no training period—

  • just results, delivered on time and within budget.

But what about the long term?

If it makes sense, you can still hire permanently but have your project covered from day one, avoiding all the risks mentioned. The freelancer might even support you in finding the right person, especially if you're creating a new role.

That's all for today. I am Marianne from Modern HR Freelance and here to guide you through the maze of hiring options and people development.

If you have any burning questions or topics you'd like me to cover, just let me know.



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